WordPress Ver.2 Installation

Wordpress LogoI have been a WordPress user for sometime now and it has never failed to amaze me how simple it is to use WordPress. WordPress 2.0 was released on the 26th December 2005 and staying true to my nature of being an IT geek and my love for webmastering, I just could not resist trying it out.

Therefore, instead of upgrading my previous blogs to version2, I have opted to create my own personal blog using the latest WordPress. As usual and expected, it was a breeze setting up WordPress2 using their famous 5 minutes installation guide. Here are some of the stuffs I noticed when using WordPress2 out-of-the-box:

  • Interface – The new WP2 interface is so much more captivating. Everything is well organized and functions are easily located.
  • Akismet – Comment spam prevention control is enhanced with the built-in Akismet plugin. All you need is a WordPress API which is easily obtainable. Enter your API key, click Submit and it’s done.
  • Post Preview – WP2 has an AWESOME post preview. You can now see how your post looks like exactly the way when it is supposed to be published (including the layout and CSS). This is a big difference compared to the earlier version that shows your posts in plain text.
  • From what I’ve read around, WP2 has lots of upgrades under the hood. Believe me, try it out and you will know.

The only drawback I’ve seen so far is that some theme thumbnails are not loading up in the preview but that’s no big deal. Optimal_Title plugin is not working for me and that’s sad news. Now, where can i lay my hands on those plugin to reverse my page titles…

Update: Found it! Optimal Title still works on WordPress2. Instead of editing the index.php file, locate and edit the header.php file within your theme folder.

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  1. sakai said,

    December 30, 2005 @ 12:04 pm

    very nice site. congrats!

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