What’s New in Windows Mobile 5

Windows Mobile 5I had the opportunity to attend Microsoft’s [tag]MEDC 2006[/tag] recently where developers gather and drool over smartphones and software that reside in them. During this conference, we were exposed to the [tag]Windows Mobile[/tag] 5 technology. I thought I’ll just share with you about the new [tag]Windows Mobile 5[/tag] (codename “[tag]Magneto[/tag]” during development).

Here’s what’s new in Windows Mobile 5:

PowerPoint Inclusion
I am so glad that this missing piece of jigsaw puzzle is included together with Windows Mobile 5. Previously, only Word and Excel were included, making it difficult for users to view PowerPoint files without a third-party software.

Word and Excel Enhancements
Unlike in the previous version (Pocket PC 2003), Word now comes with the capability to add tables and graphics. Excel on the other hand has charting capabilities. For those who have used Pocket PC 2003, we all know how important these new functionalities are (great justification to upgrade your unit ;)).

Media Player
Windows Mobile 5 comes preinstalled with Windows Media Player 10. With this version, your smartphone can now play WMA, WMV, MP3 and AVI files.

Caller Identification
A great improvement over Windows Mobile 2003 is the ability of Windows Mobile 5 to have photo caller identification. Now, you don’t have to read the names of those calling you but rather look at the person’s photo. A quick glance will tell you if it is your wife calling or your mother-in-law.

Even though Windows Mobile 5 is recently made available to the market, Microsoft is already working on the next version (Windows Mobile 6) which they have codenamed “Crossbow”. Crossbow is rumoured to have improved battery life and greater processing powers.

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