Western Digital Raptor X Hard Drive

Western Digital Raptor X Hard DriveInsane! The Western Digital Raptor X is the first hard drive in the world with a clear top. Yes! You can now see the innards of a hard drive while it whirls around at 10,000rpms. Discard the fact that the Raptor X is a 10,000rpm, 16MB buffer, 150GB storage hard drive. It has a crystal clear top.

No big deal? What do you mean no big deal? Did you know that home modders until today has not been able to mod a hard drive? In Western Digital’s own words:

Underground modders have attempted for years in their garages to customize their hard drives with clear tops to see the precision mechanical components reading and writing like mad while they power through the latest game or demanding application. However, tolerances are so tight and materials so technologically advanced inside the drive that even the slightest speck of dust or gaseous contaminants, or disruption of the delicate and balanced drive ecosystem, destroys the drive, not to mention all the data. Keep in mind that read/write heads at the end of the actuator arm, which flip-flops the polarity of the magnetic particles on the disk surface, literally flies over the 10,000 RPM surface at one two-thousandth the width of a human hair. How did WD do it?

A fully modded computer with Raptor XThis new drive means a lot to the mod community. At long last, we are able to see it with our own eyes, how the read/write arm moves about picking up all the data upon our request. Finally, a modded computer is complete with the addition of the Raptor X.

To imagine how the hard drive will look like in action, imagine a very very fast lie detector machine (the tip that inks the paper). Yup! That’s how it looks like. If you have no intention of buying this revolutionary breakthrough technology, why not watch the video. Now, see this baby in action.

The Raptor X does not come cheap. It is currently priced at US$349.99 or RM1,301.49.

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