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WebmasterI have been a part-time webmaster for over a year now. Most of the time, I build and maintain my own sites (I now have about a dozen active sites which takes quite a bit of effort to maintain). Occassionally, when asked, I help others to build their sites (if the price is right).

My wife has been very supportive of my webmastering hobby but of late, she has been eyeing my revenue from advertisements. 😮 Drawn by the dollar signs in my online income report, she has decided to jump into webmastering as well.

She has just started a recipe site (took about a day for me to setup and customise) and has been diligently updating the site with new cooking contents. Officially, as of this post, she is a 2 day old webmaster and she’s taking quite a bit of effort to learn as much as she could. I’m sure she’s gonna be thrilled when she makes her first dollar off the Internet. I know I was.

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