Vacation During School Holidays

School holidays is just around the corner and my kid have been bugging me to bring him on a vacation. I was thinking more of Australia and the Gold Coast in particular because of the more activities that will wear my kid down. Furthermore, I anticipate that there will be no problem with Gold Coast accommodation as it is found in abundance (compared to when we holidayed in the Grampian).

I suppose Gold Coast is bustling with activities for tourist ranging from beaches, surfing (on waves, not Internet) to extreme sports of jet boats. Not forgotten are activities for kids at theme parks such as Sea World, Water World, Movie World, Dreamland and not forgetting the many parks available to exhaust the kid. For the adults, we can go for less adrenalin-pumping activities such as visiting wineries, play a little golf and enjoy some scenic flights on the helicopter.

Unfortunately, after all that planning and thinking and checking and double-checking, Gold Coast didn’t go down well with my kid as he wants to go to England to visit his friends. Boy, kids nowadays. This is one tough nut to crack. I tried to reason out that time and cost is not favouring us compared to having a vacation somewhere near Malaysia. Didn’t work. I think I’m going to compromise with him by holidaying locally. Malaysia in fact has loads to offer especially in smaller towns and farther destinations. I’m thinking of Kuching; a nice idyllic city in East Malaysia.

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