Uneasy Trends To Marriage

I look around me and there are many eligible bachelors and bachelorettes who have passed their thirties and have yet to settled into a relationship, let alone marriage.  Many of these are my personal and childhood friends whom I have grown up with.  Somehow, they seem very happy and contented to remain status quo as far as their bachelorhood are concerned.

This trend of “enjoy first, marriage second” seems to be a national issue as well; not surprisingly, giving rise to matchmaking service businesses. Perhaps it is perceived that these group of individuals fail to get into a relationship because of of their inability to get dates but frankly, the friends that I have are all well to do, handsome, beautiful and professionals.

Assuming that this circle of friends that I have all have the attitude of “enjoy first, marriage/family later”, then please allow me to forewarn that the older we get, the longer we have to work to support our young children.  Let’s just take an example of say, John.  Let’s assume that John gets married when he is 35 and Mrs John conceives a child and the following series of events:

  • John Jr is born – John is 36.
  • John Jr goes to primary school at age 7 – John is 43
  • John Jr goes to secondary school at age 13 – John is 49
  • John Jr completes secondary school at age 17 – John is 53
  • John Jr enters higher secondary school and completes at age 19 – John is 55 (retirement age in Malaysia)
  • John Jr completed university at age 24 – John is 60

John will have to work beyond his retirement age just to support his child to complete the necessary education and by that time, John is already 60.  That is only the first child.  What if John has 3 children? How long does he have to work to support his kids?  Worrying, isn’t it?

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