The Curse of the BlackBerry

Blackberry 8700GFinally, the day I dreaded arrived. Curses upon curses, I was “bestowed” the honour of carrying a Blackberry with me for what reason, I know not. My master told me that this technological marvel allows customers to get in touch me on a 24 by 7 basis.

Having used it for about 5 days now, the BlackBerry is turning out to be like a cannon ball chained to my legs. Everywhere I go, that damned BlackBerry keeps beeping to let me know that my work emails are waiting for me.

Since it is also a mobile phone, I have no choice but to lug it everywhere I go. My freedom is gone. I know work 24 hours a day. How I wish that one day, I can cry “FREEDOM” just like William Wallace.

One thing that I really like though, is that I am able to connect to the Internet and surf about the Web at any time that I desire. That’s the cool part.
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