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Ever since March 8th 2008, Malaysians realised the power of the Internet and more specifically the power of blogging which essentially is a tool to allow an individual to throw their thoughts and arguments into the wilderness in a bid to reach the public and maybe at the same time, to obtain feedback or counter-arguments.

Blogs have proliferated on the Internet so much so that Malaysian politicians have embarked to spread their news through their personal blogs.  Even the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohd has his own very successful blog (; hitting 1 million hits in the first month it started online.  That speaks volume about the power of blogging.

If you have your own blog (not using free blogging platforms like blogspot or wordpress) and you intend to be as successful as the former Prime Minister of Malaysia, you have got to get a serious webhost who has the best package and the best uptime.  That’s the easy part; simply look for the best website hosting review for these site(s) have already done all the homework for you.  All you have got to do is choose a webhost.

The difficult part — write contents that continue to amaze your visitors so that they come back to your blog again and again until it becomes a habit for them to check out your blog everytime they come online.  If you are able to do that, you will soon find your blog is ripe for making some money (that’s another blog post for another day).

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