Streamyx Spam and Virus Control

TelephoneToday, I received a call from an out-of-state buddy who is complaining of receiving spam and viruses on his Streamyx broadband account. This was how the conversation went:

Buddy: Good morning, Amos.
Amos: Yo, buddy. What’s happening?
Buddy: Nothing really. Just called to ask you a question.
Amos: Sure. Shoot.
Buddy: I’ve been receiving lots of spam and virus emails lately. I’m sick and tired of receiving this. What can I do?
Amos: What email software or system are you using?
Buddy: Using the basic TMNet Streamyx email account.
Amos: Yikes! I don’t use that service but I sure can check out a solution for you.
<insert random chatters, gossips, swear words here>
Buddy: Nice talking to you. Thanks for the help.
Amos: Anytime. Bye!

I found the cheapest solution from none other than TMNet themselves.

Great news to all TMNet customers who are using the 1515, 1525 and Streamyx services who want to protect their email accounts from spam and viruses. TMNet has a value-added package called Virus Shield & Anti Spamming solution for its customers. Packaged at only RM2.00 per month, the system will now scan for viruses and spams at TMNet’s server before delivering to your mailbox.

Bye-bye spam. Bye-bye virus. Buddy, I hope this helped.

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