Some Guys Have All The Luck!

Jumping With Joy on The BeachHow would you like an all paid work week in Hong Kong? How would you like an all paid 2 work weeks in United States of America? How do you fancy an all inclusive holidays to Corfu, Greece? Yes, all these are happening to my close friends. All three of them! All of them are flying business class and all of them are leaving the country in about the same time. Seriously, all these great stuff happens to only people around me. Why not me?

Somehow, these kind of luck opportunities never ever knock on my door. The only time I flew business class was when I upgraded myself by paying it using my own money. All my overseas travel have been self funded and you are laughing at how pathetic I am. 🙁

Now, the luckiest person amongst the 3 of them is the one who got the free trip to Corfu. Apparently, it was an incentive for her when she achieved her sales quota for her organisation. Since she’s got the free trip, maybe she doesn’t mind me tagging along. After all, it’ll only cost me an air ticket and her nothing.  Time to get ready for a vacation! 😀

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