Scroll Wheel Click Magic

Scroll Wheel MouseDid you know that you can click your scroll wheel? I didn’t (stop laughing :p) and I discovered it purely by accident. I use FireFox browser to do all my web surfing (the tabbed browsing feature is excellent).

So, yesterday, I was surfing on the Internet, browsing from tab to tab clicking on links that interests me. On a particular link, I accidentally pressed the scroll wheel and presto, the link opened in a new tab! How cool was that? I used to open new tab (in Internet Explorer it’s called “Open Link in a New Window” when you right-click your mouse) by pressing Ctrl+T in Firefox.

After all these years of browsing around, this is like a major discovery to me. Browsing the Internet has gotten easier for me. Oh, did I mention I am using FireFox? :p

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