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Even with Johnny Wilkinson being the top scorer in the recent Rugby World Cup 2007, England failed to defend her title in one of the most cautious games ever. The Rugby World Cup is held every 4 years. Where do you head to for world class contact sports? If you are a rugby/football fanatic like a few friends that I have, American football is the next best thing. For the really sports fanatics who prefer live action to televised delays, get your Super Bowl 2008 tickets here.

I have been an England fan for as long as I remember. I watched England lift the World Cup in 2003 and the win was sweet. Really sweet. All the nights of waking up during the ungodly hour, the thirst from cheering, the sweaty palms from tense moments and the experiences of mini heart attacks all seem to have been worth it.

What is it with this rough contact sport that gained fans from all over the world? Is it the show of muscles and braun? Is it the sight and smell of sweaty bodies? Is it the sound of bone-crushing clashes? Or perhaps it’s the sheer delight of the sport?

Well, I don’t know about you but the English fans are the ones that had me glued to the game. Cross my heart, I will be a forever an England fan. 😀

Note: Photos from the Official World Rugby site.

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