Perils of Overseas Electrical Stuff

Lesley came home from the United States for good. With her, she brought in a container load of furnitures, electronic goods and other belongings. I helped her unpack and for the first time, I saw what a dishwasher looks like. I’ve never seen one before nor do I know how to operate it. Lesley wanted to demonstrate how the Maytag dishwasher worked and plugged the power right in. She switched on and there was this whirling sound followed by smoke. Yeah, you guessed it right, the dishwasher operates on 110 volts while Malaysia’s juice runs at 240 volts.

Lesley shook her head and asked me where she could get some Maytag parts. I replied “Maytag what? Here where got sell Maytag brand?” The best bet was to search online but who would know which spare part to purchase. Importing involve not only the spare part cost but also the shipping, handling and insurance. On top of that, you probably need to clear customs.

Lesley discarded the dishwasher and have now resorted to good old fashion hand wash. So, if you are bringing home electrical goods, check the voltage before using it. It might save you from a little shock, literally. 😉

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