One Year Training in United States

Before I begin my blog post, save to say that it’s will not be me going to the United States. Frankly, I never had this kind of fortunate events like many of my acquaintances around me. Just to give you an example, my friend, Adlin, is in Bali currently on a company trip; team building trip. In my years of working, I have not had the pleasure of a single team building exercise with this company.

Back to the training in the US. May is currently in the US, staying in one of Texas apartments where she mentioned that it is a studio unit fitted with all the necessary facilities (kitchen, small store, etc).  Her company is also kind enough to allow her to rent a car for a whole year so that she can travel around the region.

On top of all that, she will be bonded for only 2 years.  I have known companies (including my own) where training/seminars costing more than RM5,000 will result in a year bond.  And here we have, May, one full year training in the US to serve her bond for 2 years only.

So, the age old saying is true – Some guys have all the luck.

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