Of Beans and Leaves

I’m going to be honest with you. I’m a coffee drinker and a coffee addict if you must. My brain engines will not chug along well if without the coffee fuel. I drink at least 3 cups of coffee a day and each cup is as big as my mug. If coffee is not available, I’ll settle for matcha green tea. Somehow, I found that green tea packs a punch too but is of lower intensity compared to coffee.

As an employee and travel consultant, I need to remain alert and focus at all time because I deal and fulfill customer requirements (some of these requirements can be weird). To do so, I rely on mostly drinks; as I mentioned before, coffee, green tea and English tea (in that order).

Since I’m drinking quite a bit of coffee, I’m starting to get worried about the health threats that it might pose. I’ve read about caffeine, magnesium deficiency, stiffening of arteries, etc. But yet, I need coffee to keep me focused on the job. I think I need to substitute coffee with some other beverages or maybe change my method of achieving focus.

How do you keep yourself alert and focus? Share with me.

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