Nokia 9500 Classic Burning Hot

I own a Nokia 9500c and I am regretting I ever bought it. First off, I talk a lot on the mobile phone; often over 5 minutes. Within that 5 minutes, my ears will be smoking hot and I can feel my temple throbbing. The heat emitting from the phone is tremendous given the slimness of the mobile phone which is one of the reasons why I bought it in the first place. This is probably the slimmest Nokia I came across.

Secondly, the keypad is a little difficult to depress. Texting over its small keypad area is a little frustration especially after you have used other Nokia mobile phones such as the 6300. I find it one time too many the errors I made from depressing the wrong keys. Imagine using the predictive text function and pressing one wrong key, the result can be embarrassing.

Thirdly, since I talk a lot on the phone, the battery lasts me for only a day and I’ve got to task myself to charge it every night. If I forget to charge, I will be cussing the next day. I won’t blame the Nokia designers for the short battery life but rather on the sleazy salesman who claimed that this phone has one of the longest lasting talk time. I was downright cheated but since the salesman looks fiercer than me, I shall let this one slip.

Lastly, this mobile phone has only 1 port; for hands-free, charging and USB connection. If this one special port screws up, you might as well throw the phone away. After all that I have said and done, the sleekness of the phone and overall cool design is what made me keep it… 😀

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