My Military Past

Old Military Naval HatI am sitting here, reminiscing the past about my childhood past (Internet did not exist then) and where it has led me till this day. There was only one ambition that I had since I was a little boy; which was to be in the military.

My childhood neighbours were my army. I ranked all of them; from Lieutenants to Colonels but never Generals. There could only be one General and I was it. I used cardboard cutouts and made military ranks to be affixed on all my soldiers’ chests and shoulders. Military decorations were non-existent those days and even if it did, the decorations would most probably be under strict buying control unlike these days where on the Internet, you can even buy used military vehicles.

After completing my high school (in my country, it’s called secondary school), I applied to the national military. In the application form, you were given 3 choices (marked Air Force, Navy and Army) where I had to rank in order of preference. Over the 1st choice column, I marked “Air Force”; on the 2nd column, I marked “Air Force”; on the 3rd column, I marked “Air Force”. I completed the form and returned it to the recruiting officer. I went through a series of physical tests and examinations which I passed.

About a month later, a letter from the military arrived; congratulated me for passing and offered me a profession in the Land Army. I did not take up the offer. Till this day, I wonder why they allowed me to mark my first, second and third choice in the form.

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