My Kuching Travel Rant

RantLast week, I took flight to Kuching which is the capital of Sarawak state located in East Malaysia (Borneo Island). I chose Holiday Inn Kuching to hang my butt for its proximity to shopping complexes and food. While I was sitting in the lobby (happily surfing wirelessly using TMNet HotSpot), a group of angmoh (white people) about 5 to 6 of them congregated right behind my seat.

They chatted about their day and since I was seated right in front of them, I could hear every word of their conversation. Then this angmoh woman asked the group “Is it safe to use the hotel water to brush our teeth?”

When I heard that, I was like “Aiyo! Friend! This one is 4 star hotel in the middle of the city lah. You think Malaysia rely on drain/river water izzit?” I turned around and wanted to address the woman’s concern when this angmoh man answered her “Yeah. It’s pretty safe to use it to brush your teeth but just do not drink directly from the tap.” I thought it was a fair statement, so I shut up lor.

That goes to show what the orang putih/mat saleh/angmoh/caucasians think of our beloved country. We really need our Tourism Ministry to educate these people. Teach them kau-kau about our country. :mrgreen:

p.s. On food, if you happen to land yourself in Kuching, hop over to TopSpot in Taman Kereta. Go over to Stall No. 33 and order their Black Pepper Crab. They’re fantastic!!

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