Murphy’s Law and Parkinson’s Law

I was introduced to Murphy’s Law and Parkinson’s Law this morning as I sit through my Project Management class.

Murphy’s Law
If something can go wrong, it will

Parkinson’s Law
Work expands to fill the time allowed

In my humble opinion, Murphy’s Law is the root of all “kiasu-ism” (fear of losing/failure). If you notice in your life or the life of your close friends/colleagues, you can detect that sometimes, simply problems are exaggerated and made complicated. If your superior have this “disease”, you are headed for a tough time. People who subscribes to Murphy’s Law simply puts it “We can never be too careful“.

Parkinson’s Law on the other hand is essentially procrastination. Aren’t humans interesting to study? Just take a look at the Malaysian MyKad application deadline. Even by incentivizing applicants and imposing a fine after the deadline, Malaysians continue to procrastinate.

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