Moving to Texas, United States

Hate to pour cold water but it’s not me moving to the United States; one of my friends is.  Why Texas you ask. I don’t have the actual reason but I believe it has to do with this friend of mine graduating from University of Dallas.  I suppose he’s quite used to the place after a few years of educating himself there.  He came back to Malaysia for a while, didn’t quite like the city except for the food, missed Dallas terribly, logged on the Internet, got a job from one of many Dallas jobs, applied visa and off he goes.

I wish I was that fortunate.  If I’m in his shoes, I would do the same but use the Dallas job as a stepping stone to get myself elsewhere in the United States.  Places like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle does beckon me.  This is exactly what another of my friends did.  He worked for a multinational company in Kuala Lumpur, applied for regional office in Singapore and worked there.  After a couple of years of good performance, he applied for transfer to Tokyo but got London instead.  After making obscene amount of stirling pounds, he applied for a transfer to New York and got it.  This is like a dream for me.

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