Motorola RAZR Slider Z

Motorola RAZR ZDarn! A day after I wrote about the cool Nokia N92, I heard about Motorola unveiling their latest RAZR Model Z mobile phone. Look at the inset photo; isn’t the RAZR slider a sexy gadget. This is by far the most mouth-watering and sexiest mobile phone I’ve seen so far.

Now, I’m torn between RAZR slider and the Nokia N92. Here’s some quick rundown of the specifications:

  • Motorola RAZR Slider Model ZThickness: 14.8mm
  • Screen: 2.2 inches
  • Camera: 1 mega pixel
  • MP3 player: Yes

This latest phone is estimated to be priced around RM1,900 (US$510) to RM2,300 (US$620).

Aren’t those models as cute as the phone? 8)

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