Microsoft Arc Mouse Review

I chose my Microsoft Arc Mouse red.  Red represents vigor, strength and for Chinese, good fortune.  When I looked at it initially, it was the shape of the mouse that captivated my eyes.  If you look from the top, the Arc Mouse looks like a mantis shrimp or a small lobster.

Microsoft Arc Mouse

After a quick unwrapping of the mouse, I got it to work on my laptop.  Here’s what I like about it:

  1. It’s lightweight
  2. Comes with 2 ‘AAA’ batteries and a nice velvet pouch
  3. Saves battery by folding the ‘tail’ to deactivate the mouse
  4. Small transceiver that is not obstructive when plugged into USB port
  5. Transceiver is magnetically attached to the bottom of the mouse when not in use
  6. Mouse is workable at distancesof 20 feet (yes, I tried this and Microsoft claims up to 30 feet)
  7. Sensitive and works better than optical mouse

Having used this mouse for a 2 weeks period, I dislike the fact that the below the arc, it is empty space.  My 4th and 5th (ring and pinky) fingers have no support at the ‘sides’ of the mouse; a feeling that I am accustomed after years of using ‘normal’ mice. Other than this minor discomfort, I do not have any dislikes for this mouse.

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