Management Series – With Passion, Comes Emotion

Female Management GuruAs a manager, how many times have you come across staff who are obnoxious, who are loud, who opposes changes that you want done? I am pretty sure you have came across such individuals in your working life. My suggestion to you is this: Don’t discount those “trouble makers”. Be more concerned of the yes-men and the complacent ones for these kind of employees (though generally liked and get along well with you) will bring about a stagnant organisation.

The “trouble makers” may complain, they may fret, they may pout and they may even drive you nuts but take a step back and have deep thoughts about what their reasons may be. Generally and I do mean generally, these so-called “trouble makers” are the ones who are passionate about your organisation. They have burning desires to make right the wrongs. Watch out for trouble makers who do not offer constructive suggestions/arguments but are rather spiteful and hateful.

For those who you have sifted as passionate trouble makers, tolerate their “barkings” and listen very carefully to what they are saying. They are conveying a message to you. Grasp those messages and act on them. More often than not, these trouble-makers are in the right.

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