Laser Glass Macro Photography

And so, I decided to get me a Canon IXUS 800 IS that has an image stabiliser feature. I believe that this feature will definitely help me in some low light shots or maybe not (since I’m an amateur). Lately, I found an awesome feature in the 800IS where I can manually set the exposure time from 1 second right up to 16 seconds! Amazing feature for a compact digital camera.

Armed with my newly acquired camera and a trusty old Tanner tripod, I fired up my laser glass ornament in a dark room and proceeded to snap some photos. Here’s a macro shot that clearly shows the reflections against the glass confine, a dove with fig leaves and a hand clasped in prayer over a cross.

Laser Glass Macro of Dove, Fig Leave, praying hands and cross

Here’s another extreme closeup macro shot of the same laser glass showing the dove upclose.

Laser Glass Photography

The most difficult part in capturing these shots is the pesky auto focusing by the camera. Most of the time, the camera would focus on the near wall rather than the glass object (maybe due to the transparency of the glass). I name this set of photographs; “Divine“.

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