Languages of the Internet World

Traffic.. traffic.. traffic.. That’s what we webmasters crave for our websites. We write quality contents hoping that the spider gods will index us and obtain high search results on search engines. We plug shamelessly whenever we can to promote our site and hope to get some traffic. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you another very easy method to rake in genuine traffic.

Internet Languages Chart

Yes, you guessed it – diversify your sites’ languages. As you can observe from the chart above, English, Chinese, Spanish , Japanese and German linguists account for 65% of total Internet users. If your site is purely in English, you are looking at capturing 30% of total Internet users.

There are several ways to diversify the languages on your website:

  • First option – get yourself enrolled in Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and German courses, master the languages and translate your own web sites.
  • Second option – hire linguistic experts to translate your web sites.
  • Third option – get a script or tool to automatically translate your websites on-the-fly

I’m going for option 3. I will be trying out some tools or scripts and will share with you the outcome later. If any of you have tried out tools that worked for you, please do share by commenting. Subscribe to to stay abreast with this development.

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