It Was A Hard Day’s Night

Imagine coming home from work after a grueling 12 to 18 hours. The only consolation you had was that there was no traffic jam when you drove home. After a hot shower, you plonk yourself on the sofa and closing your eyes after turning on some soft music to soothe your brain.

All your sensory are recuperating from exhaustion except that of your smell. For some, they use aromatherapy, some use volcano vaporizer and some use the age old incense. Aromatherapy uses a combination of candle, water and essential oils. Certain types of oil are said to have certain healing and relaxation functions.

Volcano vaporizers are special devices used to vaporize herbs so that active ingredients and flavouring are released without any kind of combustion. Since combustion or burning of organic materials are said to be carcinogenic in nature, using a volcano vaporizer eliminates that possibility.

The ancient practice of burning incense is another popular method of relaxation.  Today, you will find many kinds of scented incense ranging from the traditional joss stick to incense cone. Some even burn raw incense over charcoal fire.

If you have not tried any of these, you should.  You will find that you relax and rest better.

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