Is Email Good for the Corporate Office?

It’s funny how my colleagues are now taking the email facility as their main mode of communications.  It is as if the workers here have all lost their mouth and therefore their ability to communicate through analog vibrating air signals.  I’ve even seen peers sitting next to each other in their cubicles, emailing to each other.  No wonder we are going backwards in terms of productivity.

Don’t blame the productivity plunge to Facebook, online arcade games, instant messaging or SMS. I think largely, our time in office are bogged down in front of our terminal, reading every word that email server throws at us.  At the same time, we try to read in between the lines as to what the writer really intends to say.

Many a times, we try to write as subtle as possible (trying hard not to offend anyone) but that may backfire as the reader may not get the gist of what you are trying to say.  Misinterpretation causes more loss of business productivity time. If only we picked up the phone, dial the recipient and communicate.  Saves time, save money, save face.

It took me 5 minutes to type all this in a blog post, but it took me the whole morning to clear my emails which arrived over the weekend.  Time for lunch. 😉

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