Innovative Americans

Driver Standing by a Red CarI find the Americans very innovative and practical when it comes to things like getting a drivers license; e.g. the Colorado driver education. At US$99 a pop, you get 3 CDs; 2 for the learner and 1 for the learners’ parents (multimedia, audio, text, video, the works). Children and parents can then learn/teach about driving — preparing the learner for written and practical driving tests. Mind you, these materials are not some ebook that you buy off eBay but State approved education materials.

Take me for comparison, when I took my driving education and license, I had to have my parents drive me 60km (approximately an hour’s drive one way) to the nearest big town to have me educated and tested. Thinking back, what a waste of time and resources. Unlike me, the Coloradians are able to purchase all relevant Colorado driver education materials online and have their parents teach them. It didn’t matter if they resided in the city or in the interior.

Now, that is why what I said the Americans are innovative and practical.

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