How to Wash Your Car

Sounds kind of a dumb title, don’t you think? Of course, anyone with a hose and cloth would know how to wash their cars, no? Let me share with you the tips on how to wash your car with proper care.

First step is to hose down your car so that every square inch is wet. Start from the roof so that water can trickle down to the other parts of your car. That way, you stand to save some money on un-wasted water. Once the roof are all wet, move towards the windscreens; both front and back and continue towards the bonnet and trunk. Lastly, wet the sides of your car including the wheel.

Having ensure that your car is well drenched, start cleaning the wheels and especially the rims. Use a brush or old toothbrush and start scrubbing with any detergent that you desire. After completing the four wheels (or 3 if you live in England), do not rinse/flush just yet. Let the detergent soak and really get into the residual dirt to remove it.

Next, get a cloth or sponge and wash the bottom half of your car. The bottom half starts from your doors midpoint downwards. This is important because the bottom half is lined with tiny little sand particles. These particles will make tiny scratches on your paintwork. If you use the same cloth or sponge to wash your entire car, it can result in potential paint damage for your whole car.

After completing the washing the bottom half of your car, get a separate cloth or sponge and start washing from the roof and work your way downwards until the bottom half. If you have completed the entire car, simply hose down the soapy detergent starting from the roof and work downwards.

All done! 🙂

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