How to Save on Printer Ink

Many of us own a printer at home; most commonly, the inkjet printer. Why so? Because the initial cost to own one is so darn cheap. Imagine, for below RM200, you can own your own colour printer and start printing out your own digital photos. However, many of us fail to realise that it is not that the printer is cheap, it is the printer ink that is expensive.

There are 2 ways that I can think off to save printer ink and the associated cost:

  1. Print in black – always print in black even for pictures (unless you want it in colour) because black ink is the cheapest compared to coloured ones.
  2. Print in draft – printing in draft mode uses less ink than necessary. If you are hard pressed for high quality colour printing, go for this mode. Do not use this if you are printing photos; it simply won’t look good.

One final piece of advise; if you are one that does not print on a regular basis, don’t own a printer. Simply have your document printed in any cybercafes. Infrequent use of the printer will cake your ink rendering it useless when you actually need to use it.

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