House Buying Woes

I have been searching a long time for a house that I can call a home. I’ve been to owners direct and through property agents but none of the houses seem to interest me at all. Basically, the houses that I’ve seen are all previously rented out and the conditions leaves much to be desired because tenants seldom care for rented properties.

I’ve seen a lot of houses; you name it, I’ve probably seen it. Semi-detached, terrace, corner, end lot, two and one half storey, double storey, single storey — I’ve seen them all. Maybe I’m picky but hey, I’m not going to part with my money easily.

Last week, I viewed this corner, single storey house. It had a large garden and a big kitchen (both wet and dry). There were 2 automatic front gates — one for each car and the 3 bedrooms are quite large. It should be perfect for me to call home, minus a few repairs here and there.

The price offered was also quite reasonable and as with most Asians, we negotiated. To my surprise, the ‘owner’ agreed to lower the price and that raised my suspicion. I proceeded to check the property records and found out that the real owner was a ‘deceased’ man. I inquired with the neighbours and indeed the poor old man passed on in that very house.

I’ve passed the offer to purchase that house and it’s back to square one for me. Time to go searching again.

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