Happy Mother’s Day

Mother and Daughter at the JettyThis Sunday (13th May) marks the day where the whole world celebrates Mothers’ Day. Many of you will be scratching your head, thinking which gift bests present to your mummy. Would those present mimic those you gave last year? Is it going to be a bouquet of flowers? Or will it be a box of chocolates? A present with a Happy Mother’s Day greeting card, maybe?

If the above is going to hit you squarely, I’m in the same boat as you are. Even though Mother’s Day is just once a year, thinking of an appropriate gift for dear mummy who sacrificed much bringing us up is very very challenging. Maybe I’ll do something unorthodox this year. Maybe I’ll buy her a Mercedes Benz or maybe I’ll buy a nation and make her Queen and ultimate Ruler. Or maybe I’ll demonstrate my artistic side by writing mummy a poem and draw her a portrait.

But no matter what I do, no matter how hard I try, no matter how expensive the gifts are, nothing, absolutely nothing can compare to mummy’s sacrifices, dedication, commitment and love that she has been given me. So strong is mummy’s love for me; that even though I have aged and a family of my own, I’ll always be her little baby.

Mummy, I love you and I treasure you. Happy Mother’s Day!! 🙂

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