Google Spreadsheets is in Town

Google SpreadsheetsGoogle Labs has just released Google Spreadsheets (I’ll call it GSpread henceforth) for beta testing. With Google behind this product, I jumped at the opportunity to sign up for an invitation.

GSpread being a web-based application is an alternative to desktop based spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel or Open Office’s Calc. GSpread is free to use but you will need to have an Internet access. If you require an offline copy of your spreadsheets, you can either download it as a comma separated value (CSV) or as an Excel (XLS) file.

I obtained my GSpread invitation from Google approximately 8 hours after signing up. I immediately accessed GSpread and did a quick test run. As you can see from the inset picture, GSpread has all the basic functionalities built into it. There are no macros or charts available but I love the idea that my spreadsheets will travel with me wherever I go (provided there is an Internet access, of course).

If you so wish to share your spreadsheets, you can do so by simply specifying the email address of the intended recipient. Collaborations of spreadsheets are made easier as Google has built in a chat function too. I need not worry about hard drive crashes or power blackouts as Google stores the files for me. Talk about free!

Now, GSpread is released as a limited test application, meaning that it can handle only a limited number of users. If you want to test drive Google Spreadsheets, click here, quick!

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  1. anon said,

    June 9, 2006 @ 2:18 am

    You don’t have to wait for a Google Spreadsheets Invite…. This is the same link they send everyone:

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