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Motorcycle SpeedometerOne of the important criterias for a good site is the speed for which the site loads up. Many visitors are turned off by the long loading time especially among the dial-up visitors. Check your visitors statistics to find out the percentage of dial-up visitors you have (Mine says 68% of the visitors are on dial-up).

With the majority of my visitors on dail-up, it is timely that I check my site’s speed performance so that I do not lose my visitors to slow site loading.

My favourite free tool is the Web Page Analyzer located at

This tool is so simple to use; simply key in the URL to analyse and click on “Submit Query”.
Wait a couple of seconds and the page you specified will be examined and a report will be provided.
Various statistics will be provided for you to study and make decisions about your site.
The best part of this tool is the “Recommendations” section. In this section, various recommendations to attributes are presented and you can immediately zoom into the areas of improvements.

I ran a test on and looks like I have some work to do for this blog. :mrgreen:

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