Free Internet WiFi at KL Sentral Station

Free StuffsInternet access today has become a desired service wherever one goes. For businessmen, a communication tool; for webmasters, a link to his/her sites; for students, to lepak (hangout) at forums and online games. Whatever the use may be, Internet access has now became a part of us.

I do travel quite a bit around the country and I have also found bits of places that has free Internet WiFi (not sure if they are actual free offerings or unsecured WiFi). I will try to write about free WiFi for places that I know and experience before. I have a perpectual TMNet hotspot account which I use around the country.

To start things off, I was at KL Sentral today and wanted to check on some of my sites. After the normal booting up, I noticed that my WiFi was automatically connected. It was connected to an access point called “PTPL KLSENTRAL AP02“. If you locate yourself near to the check-in counters for MAS flights, you will be able to achieve 40% to 60% signal strength (Intel Centrino laptop). I tried using my Cisco Aironet 352 WiFi PCMCIA card and could only achieve a 20% signal strength.
Enjoy! 🙂

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