Fans Are Godsend On A Hot Day

Malaysia is a hot and humid country.  Even though Kuala Lumpur is in a valley which is supposed to be cooler, it doesn;t feel that way nowadays.  To me, Kuala Lumpur is becoming an oven.  In the afternoons, it gets very hot up to a point that I do not wish to leave the house or office; not even for lunch.  It is times like these that ceiling fans save the day.

Some fans are cheap and poor in construction.  What I mean by that is the amount of air that the fan’s blades are able to move.  I have had a fan that would spin like a twister but if you sit under it, you can hardly feel any air.  Besides that, aesthetics are important.

Given a choice to reconsider, I would go for either the casablanca fans or the modern ceiling fans.  These 2 types of fans have aesthetics and the the feature that captured me most are the built in lightings.  All my home ceiling fans does not have built in lights which means I have to spend additional money to fix a ceiling light.

Hopefully the weather would not worsen up to a point that ceiling fans would not help and air conditioners becomes a necessity.

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