Drive – Best Way to Visit Hawaii

Driving a Car in Hawaii on Twisted RoadsFor many of us, tour companies are a godsend during our vacations. However, as I have discovered, driving is probably the best way to visit Hawaii. All you have to do instead of contacting a tour company is to call any Hawaii car rental company for a quotation. Last I checked, it would cost in a range of US$160 to US$180 to rent a mid-sized car for 5 whole days.

Driving provides you with the freedom to pace your own vacation and you can drive to any spot in Hawaii, stopping as often or as long as you desire. Now, if you try that while with a tour company, you will probably be left behind.

If you have family members traveling with you, it makes more sense to travel in a car as it is cheaper than having all of them paying tour fees. If you have a couple of travel companion with you, it’s a great way to reduce your holiday expenses by splitting the car rental bill.

For the slightly more adventurous, grab yourself a Hawaii AA Street Map and venture off the beaten tracks. Alternatively, grab your GPS enabled BlackBerry and start your adventure.

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