Delicious Strawberry Liqueur

De Kuyper Strawberry Cream LiqueurI bought me a De Kuyper’s Strawberry Cream Liqueur and boy, was it tasty. Smooth and creamy, the liqueur is good to drink on the rocks. Alcohol content is only 15% unlike the vodka, gin, brandy or whiskey which contains 40% (good enough to be flammable).

De Kuyper is a distiller based in Schiedam, Holland. They produce a number of liqueur and this is the very first time I am tasting their’s and enjoying it. This strawberry cream liqueur is suitable for ladies except those who dislike dairy products.

Here’s what De Kuyper say about their Strawberry Cream Liqueur:

De Kuyper brings you the smooth and mellow flavour of strawberry with superb dutch cream. Enjoy straight, on-the-rocks or in coffee.

And if you’ll excuse me know, I think I shall retire to my bed. Feeling a bit tipsy. 😀

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