Curious About Your Visitors

Many webmasters are obsessed with their websites’ traffic and some are crazy after Google’s PageRank and some are nuts about both.  It’s not that these does not matter to me but if I’m into traffic, I can buy website traffic to boost the numbers.  In fact, I’m really interested in finding out who, from where visit my blog.

As I’ve wrote in the past, has got visitors from Guam.  Isn’t it interesting?  The fact that the visitor came from Guam made me wanna read up about the country.  Other things that interest me are comments where visitor make with a URL to their handiwork or blogs.  I will definitely visit their site, have a look what they write about, how some of them take photos of their surroundings, how they customize their site and such.

If you noticed, there is a little button that says “GeoVisitors” right at the bottom of this blog.  Clicking on this button will display the various visitors and where they came from.  Pretty neat, eh?  I click on that button every single day.

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