Choosing Baby Names

Baby EleneOne of my buddies was recently blessed with his third child (a daughter). It is the law of this country to register the birth of your child within 14 days otherwise, a fine will applicable to the parent or guardian.

Though my buddy wanted to quickly register his child, he and his wife could not decide on a name for their newborn. The husband wanted an easy to remember name while the wife wanted unique baby names.

We tried a number of ways to match their newborn with the siblings but the mother was a little bit “stubborn”. Just then, the wife exclaimed “Wouldn’t it be great if there were baby names database online which we can do a search?” I suddenly remembered of a fairly new website that has a comprehensive list of [tag]baby names[/tag] as well as baby names meaning.

Using, we were able to sift through a number of names (learning of meaning and also the baby names origin) and finally compromised on an easy to remember name and yet unique.

Hello Elene, welcome to your world.

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