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Spy Versus Spy Cartoon

Those of you who are my age will definitely remember the cartoon Spy Vs Spy where the cartoon portrayed 2 identical spies but of different colours. Once being white and the other black. Just like their colours, this 2 spies are not compatible and will go after each others’ necks in a bid to outdo one another.

Spy Versus Spy Cartoon

Frankly, I hate this series of cartoon. Absolutely hate them. During my younger days, even though I dislike this cartoon, I will stay glued to the idiot box, not to watch the funny antics but to see what cool spy gadgets that the cartoon used. For those of you who have not seen this series of cartoon, click the YouTube video below to watch one of them; and for those of you who have, here’s a re-run.

Now that you have enjoyed the cartoon, did it spurred you to be a spy? Well, it did for me way back in my teens. After watching Spy Versus Spy on the TV, I was so geared up to be a spy, dreaming of buying spy gadgets like the ones used in the cartoons. But alas, it remains only a dream. In the past, there are no such toys or gadgets available for purchase.

Nowadays, you can read and buy spy gadgets all over the Internet as you please. For example, I found an article about a very discrete but extremely expensive listening bug in the form of a 3-way power plug over at Spy Review.

In Kuala Lumpur, you can patron spy gadget stores located within commercial shopping complexes where products such as spy cams, phone jammers and keyloggers are readily available over the counter. But, if you are adventurous enough and truly a spy-savvy candidate, go ahead and make your own spy gadgets.


UFO Sightings

UFO over MexicoHow many of us can really say that we have seen UFOs before? In general, the moment the letters U-F-O are mentioned, we will think of little green beings with long limbs, big heads and bulging black eyes.

Many do not realise that UFOs are really Unidentified Flying Objects which means anything that flies and cannot be identified. It could be a odd-shaped balloon floating in the air or it really could be an intelligent alien being flying in spheres, cylinders and disc shaped crafts.

UFO sightings are nothing new nowadays. Even in our country Malaysia, various UFOs were reported in the past. For example, sightings of a disc shaped UFO right smack in our capital Kuala Lumpur.

But from my personal encounters with close acquaintances, there were sightings of an orange sphere the size of a soccer ball hovering about 12 feet in the air ironically at a soccer field at night. This happened in Sri Gading, a small town just outside of Batu Pahat in the state of Johor. Eye witnesses said that on one particular night they saw an orange sphere hissing and hovering for a moment about 12 feet in the air before fizzing out of sight.

My curiosity got the better of me and I’ve searched around for some possible scientific explanation. My search has led me to phenomenon known as St. Elmo’s Fire and Kugelblitz. I’m not sure which of these phenomenon happened in Sri Gading but it’s great to know that science could prove that these occurrences are not paranormal.

If you are into paranormals and UFOs, do pay a visit to, where a large and updated collection of UFO news can be found.
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Underwater MP3 Player

Finis SwiMP3I was scouring on the Internet, looking for information to some of the best MP3 players. I intend to get one which plays MP3 as well as FM radio. On top of that, I needed some 1-2GB of storage space (both for music and data).

While I was browsing around, I bumped into Finis’ SwiMP3 product. Built for the swimmer or snorkeller, you will be able to observe that the player is located at the back of your head instead of dangling at your waist. There is no earplugs or earphones as the sound is conducted from your cheekbone and directed to your inner ear.

With this fully waterproofed MP3 player, you can now enjoy your music while swimming, snorkelling and practically any other water activities involving water (may not be a good idea for scuba divers). The SwiMP3 is compatible with Windows and Macs. You will need 32MB hard drive space on your computer and an available USB port.

The SwiMP3 is priced at RM720 (US$199.99) and is available from Finis Inc.

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