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Remembering My Bosses

I have worked under a few bosses before in my life and I was fired only one… 😉 My first ever paying job was a salesman selling Electrolux vacuum cleaners. My boss was the horrible-Cinderella-stepmom kind of person. Always pushy, always screaming and way demanding. I guess his sales incentives drove him to be a slave driver. I lost my job after I gave him a piece of my mind; after which, I vowed never to again tell my future bosses what’s in between my ears.

My next boss was a wimp. His indecisiveness and his inability to lead made me shine easily in the office. Because of my boss, I was able to make decisions on his behalf, lead the team through some good achievements and in all that, gave me plenty of practice as a manager.

I moved companies as a manager, taking on multiple roles including running a subsidiary business which has nothing to do with my forte — Information Technology. I had a boss who unfortunately rejected my candidacy after interviewing me but was forced by his boss to employ me. Needless to say, I had trouble with my boss right from the time I reported to work. I’m glad that I was able to change that situation into a positive impression after 6 months through sheer hard work and results delivery. We are good friends today.

I’m not going to describe my current boss, least he reads my blog and discovers what I think of him. I’m not ready to re-live my Electrolux experience. 😀

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Spy Versus Spy Cartoon

Those of you who are my age will definitely remember the cartoon Spy Vs Spy where the cartoon portrayed 2 identical spies but of different colours. Once being white and the other black. Just like their colours, this 2 spies are not compatible and will go after each others’ necks in a bid to outdo one another.

Spy Versus Spy Cartoon

Frankly, I hate this series of cartoon. Absolutely hate them. During my younger days, even though I dislike this cartoon, I will stay glued to the idiot box, not to watch the funny antics but to see what cool spy gadgets that the cartoon used. For those of you who have not seen this series of cartoon, click the YouTube video below to watch one of them; and for those of you who have, here’s a re-run.

Now that you have enjoyed the cartoon, did it spurred you to be a spy? Well, it did for me way back in my teens. After watching Spy Versus Spy on the TV, I was so geared up to be a spy, dreaming of buying spy gadgets like the ones used in the cartoons. But alas, it remains only a dream. In the past, there are no such toys or gadgets available for purchase.

Nowadays, you can read and buy spy gadgets all over the Internet as you please. For example, I found an article about a very discrete but extremely expensive listening bug in the form of a 3-way power plug over at Spy Review.

In Kuala Lumpur, you can patron spy gadget stores located within commercial shopping complexes where products such as spy cams, phone jammers and keyloggers are readily available over the counter. But, if you are adventurous enough and truly a spy-savvy candidate, go ahead and make your own spy gadgets.


Getting A Driver’s License

BMW X5 Training SchoolOne of my cousins in the US is going to get her driver’s license soon after completing her Texas driver education course. What surprised me was that my uncle was the one who supervised and taught her driving lessons. Apparently, in Texas, you are allowed to coach your children after the parent taught driver education program was launched. Unlike here, we are required to register with a accredited driving training school and drive some old junk around before sitting for our practical tests.

Those of you who remembers the driver’s exams are going to shiver just thinking back. First, there was the hill test, then the parallel parking test, then the 3-turns test and finally the treacherous on-the-road test. Fail any of these and you can kiss your driver’s license goodbye. If I’m not mistaken, you can only apply for a re-test after 3 months.

The next thing that surprised me was when my cousin told me that you can start your Texas driver education at the age of 14, get a learner’s permit at 15 and get a full driver’s license by the age of 16. Wow!! That’s pretty young to start learning driving, in my humble opinion.  Well, cuz, good luck to you and when I get there, you’re gonna be my chauffeur. 😀

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