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DiGi Blind Spots

DiGi is always portraying that their cellular service is everywhere. Through DiGi’s TV advertisement of their “mascot” — DiGi Yellow Man — it gives a perception that their service is everywhere and reliable and speedy. Yes, you know what I’m talking about; it’s the cute/funny fat guy wearing a giant yellow condom.

After subscribing to DiGi, reality sinks in. The truth is, I’ve experienced a lot of blind spots wherever I go and it’s beginning to annoy me. I am missing out on calls, texts and most of all, Internet access. Why is it that when you need the service most that it becomes unavailable?

Where I’m seated right now, the DiGi Yellow Man is definitely not here…


Flying In and Out – Fun or Dull?

In the past, I envy travelling executives who flies around the world for work.  I did not have such an opportunity to do so.  My work limits me to travelling within Malaysia and most destinations are reachable by car.  Over dinners and mamak sessions, I hear stories of how busy Tokyo is and how beautiful Parisian night and how exciting New York can be.  Oh… how envious I was.  I was 20 years old when I took my first flight — and that was to attend a funeral.

Now that I myself am flying in and out the region for work, I begin to drag my feet to the airport.  The early years of flying was fun; every trip seem to be an adventure on itself. Now, it’s a chore — waking up early in the morning, taking the dreadful taxi to the airport (in itself is already a risk. Cabbies are like F1 racers), long waits at the airport and things gets worse during transits.

If only my every flight destination is to some holidays, I will be looking forward to it.  NGC’s Air Crash Investigation series is not helping either.


Nokia 9500 Classic Burning Hot

I own a Nokia 9500c and I am regretting I ever bought it. First off, I talk a lot on the mobile phone; often over 5 minutes. Within that 5 minutes, my ears will be smoking hot and I can feel my temple throbbing. The heat emitting from the phone is tremendous given the slimness of the mobile phone which is one of the reasons why I bought it in the first place. This is probably the slimmest Nokia I came across.

Secondly, the keypad is a little difficult to depress. Texting over its small keypad area is a little frustration especially after you have used other Nokia mobile phones such as the 6300. I find it one time too many the errors I made from depressing the wrong keys. Imagine using the predictive text function and pressing one wrong key, the result can be embarrassing.

Thirdly, since I talk a lot on the phone, the battery lasts me for only a day and I’ve got to task myself to charge it every night. If I forget to charge, I will be cussing the next day. I won’t blame the Nokia designers for the short battery life but rather on the sleazy salesman who claimed that this phone has one of the longest lasting talk time. I was downright cheated but since the salesman looks fiercer than me, I shall let this one slip.

Lastly, this mobile phone has only 1 port; for hands-free, charging and USB connection. If this one special port screws up, you might as well throw the phone away. After all that I have said and done, the sleekness of the phone and overall cool design is what made me keep it… 😀


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