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Who Said Malaysia Got No Earthquake

Since the formation of Malaysia, we have said that Malaysia is one of the safest place in the world where there are no natural disasters like earthquake or hurricane or typhoon. We do however suffer from floods, droughts and landslides. Today, at 2:40pm, the earth shook in Sabah; experts say its a tremor measuring 4.3 on the Richter scale. To me, that’s a freaking earthquake.

News on The Star online said:

KOTA KINABALU: Scores of people in hotels and other multi-storey buildings rushed out to the streets after a strong tremor struck the southeastern Sabah town of Tawau at about 2.40pm on Sunday.

The tremor shook the buildings, causing window panes to rattle as the occupants ran out.

A Sabah Meteorological Services Department official said the tremor measured 4.3 on the Richter scale with its epicentre about 71km northwest of Tawau town, in the Kalabakan area.

That epicenter is right smack on our land. This is not like an earthquake happening in the Philippines and it’s tremors felt in Malaysia. This is earth shaking below our very legs.

Ladies and gentlemen, Malaysia got earthquake.

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House Buying Woes

I have been searching a long time for a house that I can call a home. I’ve been to owners direct and through property agents but none of the houses seem to interest me at all. Basically, the houses that I’ve seen are all previously rented out and the conditions leaves much to be desired because tenants seldom care for rented properties.

I’ve seen a lot of houses; you name it, I’ve probably seen it. Semi-detached, terrace, corner, end lot, two and one half storey, double storey, single storey — I’ve seen them all. Maybe I’m picky but hey, I’m not going to part with my money easily.

Last week, I viewed this corner, single storey house. It had a large garden and a big kitchen (both wet and dry). There were 2 automatic front gates — one for each car and the 3 bedrooms are quite large. It should be perfect for me to call home, minus a few repairs here and there.

The price offered was also quite reasonable and as with most Asians, we negotiated. To my surprise, the ‘owner’ agreed to lower the price and that raised my suspicion. I proceeded to check the property records and found out that the real owner was a ‘deceased’ man. I inquired with the neighbours and indeed the poor old man passed on in that very house.

I’ve passed the offer to purchase that house and it’s back to square one for me. Time to go searching again.


Fans Are Godsend On A Hot Day

Malaysia is a hot and humid country.  Even though Kuala Lumpur is in a valley which is supposed to be cooler, it doesn;t feel that way nowadays.  To me, Kuala Lumpur is becoming an oven.  In the afternoons, it gets very hot up to a point that I do not wish to leave the house or office; not even for lunch.  It is times like these that ceiling fans save the day.

Some fans are cheap and poor in construction.  What I mean by that is the amount of air that the fan’s blades are able to move.  I have had a fan that would spin like a twister but if you sit under it, you can hardly feel any air.  Besides that, aesthetics are important.

Given a choice to reconsider, I would go for either the casablanca fans or the modern ceiling fans.  These 2 types of fans have aesthetics and the the feature that captured me most are the built in lightings.  All my home ceiling fans does not have built in lights which means I have to spend additional money to fix a ceiling light.

Hopefully the weather would not worsen up to a point that ceiling fans would not help and air conditioners becomes a necessity.


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