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How To Sort WordPress Categories In Alphabetical Order

Step by Step; 123So, you would like to sort your WordPress categories in alphabetical order, don’t you? Some WordPress themes that you load comes with categories that are sort in the order they are created. In order to change them to alphabetical order, you don’t need any plugins but a simple tweak at the codes. I promise you that it will be simple. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on your File Manager in your web host’s CPanel.
  2. Click on public_html
  3. Click on wp-content (if you have a folder for your blog, click that first and then wp-content)
  4. Click on themes
  5. Click on the folder that consist your theme’s name
  6. Click on the file called sidebar.php
  7. On the right hand side of your CPanel, you can now see several new options. Click on the link that says Edit File
  8. Locate the codes wp_list_cats(‘sort_column=id’) (codes could be longer, so look closely)
  9. All you got to do now is change it to wp_list_cats(‘sort_column=name’)
  10. Click the Save button

That’s it, in 10 easy steps. Reload your blog and press F5 to refresh it if necessary.


How to Add Social Bookmarks in WordPress

Social BookmarksSocial bookmarks such as, my Yahoo, Furl, Digg, Fark and a whole load of others are beginning to get hot among Internet users. This growth has raised an eyebrow or two in the webmastering world because many webmasters have reported that they are getting more traffic from social bookmarks. This is possible because social bookmarks are shared among families and friends as well as friends of friends and friends and families (I could go on and on.)

In order for you to benefit from the social bookmarking phenomenon, you must first make it easy for your readers to do so. One of the simplest methods is to add a plugin called Sociable and activate it which proves to be a breeze when I did it on this blog.

All you need to do is download the plugin and save it in your WordPress plugin folder. Then, access your blog’s dashboard, click on Plugins menu and click on Activate.

Customizing the desired social bookmarks is equally simple. To do so, at the WordPress Dashboard, click on Options, and then Sociable. Simply check and uncheck the various social bookmarks and save your settings. From now on, all your posts will be appended with the configured social bookmarks that you have selected earlier.

May your blog prosper from higher traffic.

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How to Disable WordPress2 Rich Text Editor

RantWordPress 2 by default, comes installed with a rich text editor. I’ve been struggling with some of my blogs as the alignments or formatting that I specify is consistently overwritten by WordPress. I have no idea what or why this happens but it does.

To alleviate my headaches, all I need to do is turn off the rich text editor and write using HTML codes. The steps to do this is pretty straightforward:

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Click on the “Users” link
  3. In “Your Profile“, scroll to the bottom of the page
  4. Under the heading “Personal Options“, untick the box next to “Use the visual rich editor when writing”
  5. Click “Update Profile

Done! You can now write your blog posts according to whatever formatting or alignments you desire.


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