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How to Top Up Skype Credit on iPhone

You can’t do it directly from your iPhone. Got the note below from Skype’s web page:

You can’t currently purchase Skype Credit directly from the Skype application on your iPhone. However, you can purchase Skype Credit using your iPhone’s internet browser, in the same way that you would from your desktop.

So, fire up your Safari on your iPhone, login to Skype and buy the credits.


How to Output Audio from Mac Mini to LCD TV Using HDMI Cable

Apple's Mac Mini with HDMI connector

So, you manage to connect your Mac Mini to your television, switch on the mini but you can only hear sounds coming out of the Mini’s internal speakers. You tried tuning your TV and have no idea why the sounds are not emitting through your TV. Yep, that was my experience as well until I found out that there needs to be a simple configuration that needed to output audio from my Mac Mini to my LCD TV using the HDMI cable.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Click on System Preferences
  2. Click on Sound listed under Hardware
  3. Click on the Output tab
  4. Select HDMI
  5. Turn down your TV’s volume (lest you shock yourself)

That’s all there is to it.  Enjoy! 🙂


How to Grow Mother in Law’s Tongue or Sansevieria

Mother in Law's Tongue or SansevieriaMother in-law’s tongue also known as the snake plant or the Sansevieria, is an excellent indoor ornamental plant for offices, homes and buildings.  This plant is also called the “bedroom plant” because it converts carbon dioxide (CO2) to oxygen (O2) at night.

Besides the precious conversion to oxygen, this plant is able to purify the chemical formaldehyde.  Examples of where this chemical exists are foam insulation, plywood, pressed-wood products, grocery bags, waxed paper, fire retardants, adhesive binders in floor coverings and cigarette smokes.

We will need 6-8 waist-height plants per person for air purification.

As far as I know there are 2 methods to grow the Mother in-law’s tongue:

  1. Re-potting – From an existing plant, lift the plant and look for shoot or offsets. Cut though the flesh that is attached to the parent plant and pot it.
  2. Cuttings –  From the stem, cut 4 inches across the grain and pot it.  Beware of the orientation to ensure that you pot it the right side up.  In about 4 weeks, you will have a mother in-law’s tongue plant.  If you see new offsets, you can re-pot those as well to propagate more plants.

In both instances of growing, ensure that the soil is moist and not soggy.  Water minimally once a week but before that, test to ensure that the soil is dry before watering. This is because the mother in-law’s tongue dislikes over-watering where the root will rot.

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