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Computer Vacuum Cleaner

Computer Vacuum CleanerIf you are looking for a USB powered computer vacuum cleaner, look no further than the HD537 USB Mini Vacuum Cleaner. Using this gadget is simple enough; simply connect the vacuum cleaner to your laptop’s or computer’s USB port and switch it on. There are 2 switch levels – the first is to switch on the LED light (handy to light up the dark crevices on your keyboard and the innards of your computer) and the second level to activate the vacuum cleaner.

The HD537 vacuum cleaner comes with 2 cleaning attachments; the first being the bristle brush and the second being the flexible rubber that can be squeezed to a desired size (excellent to suck dirt and dust in between keyboard keys). There is even a “High Power” button to increase the suction power should you require it.


KRZR and RIZR to Follow RAZR’s Success

Motorola KRZR and RIZRThe RAZR range of mobile phones has been such a success, selling more than 50 million units since it was launched in November 2004. It was so successful that Motorola has now added 2 new RAZR phones to the family. They are known as the KRZR (pronounced Crazer) and RIZR.

The MotoKRZR is designed as a flip phone which is slightly narrower than the RAZR, sports a 2 megapixel camera with video function and a built in music player. The Motorola KRZR has a screen dimension of 176 x 220 internally and 96 x 80 externally; with both screens at 65,000 colours. Connectivity-wise, Bluetooth and EDGE high speed data is available on the phone. The phone comes with a 20MB internal memory, extendable to 1GB of external memory.

The MotoRIZR on the other hand is a thin and narrow slider phone. The specifications for RIZR is very similar to the KRZR except for the slider design.

The KRZR is expected to be available in a couple of months time while the RIZR in the 4th quarter. A good time to save some money for those of you who desire these latest wonders and a nice gift for the loved ones for the upcoming festive seasons. Unfortunately, the prices are not available as yet.

Click here for more information on MOTOKRZR and MOTORIZR.
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Yeehaa! Got My iPod Video

iPod Video 30GBMonths and months of saving my hard earned money has finally paid off when I got my very own iPod Video 30GB White.

To sweeten the achievement and to my pleasure, the iPod has performed wonderfully after I had transferred all the songs and videos using iTunes. With this, that’s one gadget off my wishlist. 🙂

Quick rundown of the iPod Video 30GB:

  • 30GB of space. In actual, 27.8GB because of Windows thingy.
  • Battery life is approximately 14 hours. Charging time is 4 hours (full) or 2 hours (80%). Charging is performed via a USB cable attached to your laptop or desktop.
  • Weighs in at 136 grams
  • Plays music and videos. Extra functions such as photo albums, calendar, to do, games and podcast.

So far, the drawbacks/shortfalls I noticed are:

  1. Integration with iTunes. To add and remove songs from your iPod, you need to do it through iTunes. There is no drag and drop function for transferring of files.
  2. Wall socket charger (like your mobile phones) is considered an accessory which you need to purchase separately. Available for RM119 at MacStudio (Ikano Power Center).
  3. iPod earphones are crappy. No difference with the normal Sony or Philips earphones you can purchase in Tesco. I am going to look for some Koss earbuds.


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