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Air Asia Promo Codes

Air Asia has indeed touched many lives by allowing us to travel afford-ably around the region. Air Asia from time to time releases promotion or coupon codes giving us better deals and savings. Below is the list of current promotion codes. Feel free to add on more codes in the comment section.

Indeed, now everyone can fly.

Last updated: 11th January 2012.

AirAsiaGo Promotion
Enjoy 20% when you travel with AirAsia and get a 10% discount on our hotels.
Code: AAGO1101
Book from 11 – 13 January 2012.
Travel from 30 January till 26 April 2012.

AirAsia Fabulous Fly-day
Save 10% on hotels. Key in this promo code for additional 10% savings on hotels.
Code: FFD1706. Get this promo at
Every Friday is a FABULOUS FLY-DAY!
From 11am – 4pm, enjoy deals you won’t find on any other day of the week!
Booking Period : unknown
Travel Period : unknown

American Express Selects
Save 10% on holidays from Kuala Lumpur when you book from 1 December 2011 until 29 February 2012.
Promo code: “AAGAmex2012”


Free Online Collaboration Tools

In my course of discharging my duties, I find myself working with more and more clients on a global scale.  With business flourishing (more work for me), I find that I being to lose touch on the details.  This is something that I am unable to escape as I have many clients and many ongoing projects with many more in the pipeline.  Looks like work is cut out for me for the next 2 years.

I suddenly realized that I need tools to help me in my work to increase my efficiency and productivity.  I needed tools to help me collaborate on documents with a multitude of customers and fellow project members.  I need something online and yet free. 😉 I found 3 tools that I could use.

First is of course Google Docs.  Totally online and easily shared among netizens.  However, I’m quite limited to word processor, spreadsheet and presentation.  You will need to work entirely online on the documents.  If you do not have a stable Internet connection, don’t bother. You will need a Google account for this.  It’s free.

Second is Microsoft Office Live Workspace.  I am able to create folders and share specific documents or the entire folders.  All that is required is a Windows Live account. I found that I was able to upload other types of documents into individual folders or workspaces.  There is a Microsoft Office plugin so that you can work directly on your local machine and yet update/create documents on Office Live Workspace. It’s free.

Third solution that I found was Zoho.  It has a multitude of applications including project, CRM, word processing, spreadsheet and the works.  Loads and loads of tools.  However, the free version has it’s limitations in terms of users and storage.  You will need a Zoho account.

In the end, I chose Office Live Workspace as I normally work with Microsoft products and the same for many of my clients.  I love the fact that I’m able to work offline and yet update online on an on-demand basis.  If you are in my shoes, try any of these tools.

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MalaysiaAirlines Fights AirAsia – I Win

Beginning today, Malaysia Airlines is giving away zero fares for its domestic fares.  There are terms and conditions attached to it; something on the line of no change, no show, no refund, no flight change, no passenger change, etc etc.  Best to read their fine prints on their website.

I’m a little surprised that Malaysia Airlines is going this route (i.e. free fares) similar to that of AirAsia’s. I’ve flown both airlines before and frankly, 90% of my flying is done with Malaysia Airlines simply because of less flight delays, no hassle during check in, no need to line up to board the plane, no need to elbow the person next to me who is trying to get the best seating, no need to argue with fellow passengers who booked an entire row for his/her friends, no need to pay for checked in luggage, no need to pay for water or maggi mee.
Now that these 2 airline giants are competing against each other aggressively, I as the consumer wins.  Now with this latest offerings by Malaysia Airlines, I get cheap flights with great service.  About 15 minutes ago, I’ve just booked 6 seats to Kuching on this offer which cost me RM1,440. I did a quick comparison (kiasu-ness kicks in) with AirAsia’s economy promo price and that ended up with RM1,560.

With Malaysia Airlines, I’m getting best of both worlds. 🙂

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