Buying Skype Credit with Paypal

SkypeFinally, I decided to make phone calls over the Internet. It could potentially shave off lots and lots of ringgit from my mobile phone bills as I converse a lot with friends, relatives and customers around the world. I have been using Skype for a little over 6 months and am very pleased with the quality of Internet calls.

Armed with Paypal, I proceeded to Skype’s online store to purchase US$10 worth of Skype credit which proved to be a breeze. Steps involved in the process:

  1. Sign in to Skype using your Skype Name and associated password
  2. Select the amount you intend to purchase
  3. Enter your name and correspondence address details
  4. Select payment methods (in my case, Paypal)
  5. Enter your Paypal’s ID and password
  6. Confirm payment and your now set to make phone calls using SkypeOut

Immediately after purchasing the credit, I could see the amount reflected on my Skype screen. Feeling extremely excited, I placed a call to my buddy’s mobile in Singapore which costed me only US$0.031 per minute. Our conversation went well and quality was good. Glad I made the right choice to use SkypeOut. Relatively cheap price for a quality service.

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  1. Fatoumata Cissoko-Willis said,

    September 30, 2008 @ 11:11 pm

    I need to speak with some regarding the paypal payments to skype from my debit card. I orginally set up the skype payment with my debit card (ending0861), however I want to change the debit card information to a new card (ending 3138). I have emailed requesting that you (Paypal) instruct me on how to change the debit card information and to STOP THE PAYMENTS FROM THE DEBIT CARD (ending 0861).

    Please contact me via email or phone ASAP.

    Thank you,

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