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Smart and Intelligent TigerAs webmasters, we all know how important building link popularity is in order to rank high on SERPs (Search Engine Result Page). I’ve blogged earlier about a great article by Jim Westergren about the methods to build backlinks. Among some of the ways to build quality backlinks are (refer to Jim’s article for full explanation):

  • Link baiting
  • Directory submissions
  • 2 and 3 way exchanges
  • Link Vault
  • Digitalpoint’s Coop
  • Article Submission

Those of us who are seasoned webmasters and have been long enough in the webmastering industry, would swear by the tediousness of building your own backlinks. I just cannot see myself submitting my new site to 500 directories or writing to various other webmasters requesting for a link exchange. Time and effort is of the essense here; thank goodness we have a reliable solution here.

Jim Westergren announced in his blog recently that he has released his smart link building services. For those of us who do not know Jim, he is the CEO if SEO Fusion and a philosophical sci-fi writer who is based in Sweden and have over 40 web sites.

Make the smart move to have Jim take over the pain and nitty-gritty details to build quality links for your websites. Don’t forget to read what and how he conducts his smart link building campaigns.

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